commission info

Status: CLOSED

TERMS AND CONDITIONSBy purchasing my art, you agree to the following terms of service:


  • My art may not be used in any blockchain-related technologies, including but not limited to NFTs, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions in the space.

  • My art may not be used in any AI training models or other AI related products.

  • Unless specified otherwise, my art is for personal and non-profitable use. Please let me know beforehand if you plan to use my art commercially. Some examples of personal use include setting my artwork as a profile picture or phone/computer wallpaper. Examples of commercial use include using my artwork as promotional material or printing and reselling my art.

  • Do not edit out my signature, but feel free to post the commission to an external site. However, please ensure that the artwork can be linked back to me if you do so.

  • By purchasing my artwork, you agree to my terms of service.


  • I will not draw: mecha, realism, fetish, NSFW, or any commissions promoting hatred against any person or group.

  • I reserve the right to decline any client for any reason, such as if I am uncomfortable with the specifications of the commission or feel that the specifications are outside of my skill range.

  • I retain all copyright over my artwork.

  • Unless negotiated beforehand, I will likely post finished commissions on my social media, and they may be added to my commission info as an example image without notice.

  • Once I start working, commissions should take around a month, however that turnaround date may be extended if real life interferes. I will send a message if that is the case.
    NOTE: In cases where I have multiple orders at once, the start date for the month may not be on the day I accept the order; Instead, I will send a separate message to let you know when I have started on your commission.

  • Anthro/animal characters can be discussed, but know that I mainly draw human characters.


  • To place an order, please submit your request through either my Vgen or Artistree page.

  • If I accept your request, I will first send a sketch of the artwork for feedback. You are allowed up to three major revisions (e.g. pose changes, outfit changes) of the sketch, but minor revisions (e.g. color changes, small accessory changes) have no limit.

  • You may request a picture of my current progress at any time, and ask for minor corrections accordingly.

  • The final product is a high-resolution .png file. The file will be sent through the platform where the request was originally placed, and at this stage, you may still ask for minor corrections. Once we agree on the final product, the commission is completed.


  • The prices listed are base prices. I may add on fees, such as if a character has an incredibly detailed design, or if the commissions entails drawing multiple characters. More specifics can be found in the prices section of this site.

  • Payments are handled by Artistree/Vgen, but are generally accepted through Paypal in USD. However, for Vgen, there is the additional option to pay using credit card.


This chart applies for artwork with simple, flat backgrounds. Examples and other options will be provided below the chart.Specific poses can be discussed, though more dynamic poses may increase the price.Sketch commissions will be mostly monochromatic, with grayscale shading and an optional accent color.Fees:
○ Extra characters will each add on 75% of the original price.
○ Complex designs will add on 25% of the original price.
○ Dynamic poses will add on 10% of the original price.

TypeSketchFull Render


Busts will generally include the shoulder and/or collarbone areas.


Half-body poses will generally cut off along the waist.


Full-body artworks include the entire character, with no section out of the frame of the artwork.

other options


An illustration is artwork of a full scene, including background elements. There are no separate tiers of lineart, flats, etc. for this option. Price starts at $70, and may increase based on commission details.


Price dependent on complexity of design.
Ver. 1 (Top Image): $5~8
Ver. 2 (Bottom Image): $3~5

If you're interested in a type of artwork outside of those described on this page, please feel free to send me a message to discuss.


Please send orders through either:Vgen
If you have any questions about commissioning me, you can contact me at [email protected]I am also available through Discord, Instagram, and Twitter via @avanteinkling. Don't hesitate to shoot me a DM!